Black Leaf 4-part concave grinder

  • Al. Grinder 4-part concave anodised
  • Al. Grinder 4-part concave

Black Leaf 4-part concave grinder


Black Leaf 4-part concave aluminium grinder with Concave Grinder Chamber and Diamond-shaped Teeth.

Al. Grinder 4-part concave

Product Description

The herb shredder has a concave grinder chamber which shreds your dried plant material efficiently within a few turns.
Made of abrasion-free, anodised CNC-milled aluminium which is especially handy with the fine non-slip riffels. The lid of the hemp grinder closes magnetically.
With the triangular scraper made of plastics, plant remains can be removed without difficulty.

• Material: Aluminium, anodised
• Colour: silver
• Print: BL
• Setup: 4-part
• Diameter: 40mm
• Height: 51mm
• System: Diamond-shaped Teeth
• Supplies: Scraper
• Info: Concave Grinder Chamber