Weed Star 4-piece aluminum grinder

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  • 4 part alu grinder_Herbeks.si

Weed Star 4-piece aluminum grinder


The Weed Star aluminum grinder is a 4-piece grinder with a magnetic lid, anti-slip jags and viewing windows in the herb chamber.

4 part alu grinder_Herbeks.si

Product Description

The Weed Star grinder is 4 piece all in one gadget that will satisfy your grinding needs. It is made from high quality CNC Machined Aluminum with diamond shaped shredding teeth. It has a herb camber with viewing windows and a separate chamber for collecting kief. There is also a little kief-collecting tool for scooping up all the pollen goodness.

Material: CNC machined aluminum
Diameter: ca. 50mm
Height: ca. 55mm

The Weed Star 4-piece Grinder:

  •          4 Part
  •          Magnetic Lid Fastener
  •          Viewing windows
  •          Diamond shaped teeth
  •          Pollen screen
  •          Anti-slip jags
  •          Pollen scraper